Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation

Monitoring CO² in any office, school or home has never been easier than with the CDL 210. With the display including air temperature and humidity, data can be logged and viewed and analysed in graph format via PC software. The same information plus measuring air velocity is possible with anemometers. Whether you are looking to detect leaks on air conditioning or ventilation systems or even measure the degree of a leakage on individual components or complete systems, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions.


Wöhler CDL 210 CO2-Datalogger


  • Determination of the indoor air quality through combination of measurement and identification of: The CO2-concentration; The air temperature; The air humidity
  • For CO2-monitoring of: Housing spaces (comfortableness, humidity problems, etc.); Conference rooms and lounges (e.g. schools)


  • Comfort level indicator with adjustable alarm values
  • Acoustical and visual alarm function with adjustable limit
  • Large display to show CO2, humidity,temperature, date / time
  • Max/Min-values
  • Infrared-CO2-measurement
  • Automatic calibration function
  • Non-volatile memory


Wöhler FA 410 Fan Anemometer


  • Measurement of air speed, temperature and humidity at the air vents
  • Detection of air leaks
  • Integrated measurement of volume flow
  • Direct measurement of volume flow at air vents in combination with the cone


  • Easy handling with automatic identification of the cone
  • Measurement report via IR-transfer to the Wöhler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer
  • Hold-Function
  • Selectable units: m/s, fpm, m³/h, CFM, °C, °F, cm², Inch²
  • Wöhler Telescope Handle e.g. for ceiling vents
  • Parallel measurement of volume flow, air velocity and air temperature
  • Backlight LC display


Wöhler TA 420 Thermoanemometer
  • Measurement of airspeed, flow and temperature
  • 2 simultaneous values
  • Telescopic probe
  • Auto-off function