Brushes & Stars

We offer a wide range of material types and sizes of brushes and stars that are used with the vipers. (Stars are a single layer flat brush.) The fittings supplied with vipers allows the use both types. Perlon is a default material used for cleaning flues and lined chimneys. This is a plastic material that will not damage any lining system. These brushes and stars are available in a combination of soft, medium and hard varieties. PEK brushes are largely used on lighter applications such as cleaning oil, gas, biomass flues and often used to maintain Aga/Rayburn cookers. There are two types of stainless steel varieties of stars/brushes. They are considered a harder material and harsher than other types.


Star, Stainless Steel, Flat Wire

Ø 15 cm soft – 14015 G

Ø 35 cm hard – 14135 G


Star, PEK

Ø 15 cm – 13815 G


Star, Perlon

Ø 15 cm  1.2 mm – 2019 G


Threaded Brush, Stainless Steel, Flat Wire with M10 thread

Ø 15 cm – 18915 G


Threaded Brush, Stainless Steel, Crimped Wire with M10 thread

Ø 15 cm – 19115 G


Threaded Brush, PEK with M10 thread

Ø 15 cm – 18815 G


Threaded Brush, Perlon with M10 thread

Ø 15 cm 0.8 mm – 18715 G